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Sail Wakatobi – Belitong

Sail Wakatobi – Belitong (SWB) differently known as Sail Indonesia 2011 was formally established in Jakarta on Tuesday, June 7th 2011 by Coordinating Minister for People`s Welfare Agung Laksono and Minister for Marine and Fisheries , Fadel Muhammad, beginning with the civil mission named the Bhakti Surya Baskara Jaya.
To date, already 94 yachts from 16 countries are registered to experience in this year’s Sail Bangka-Belitong mega event , which will act sailors from Darwin, Australia, calling at many and changed island and beach destinations across the Indonesian archipelago, to end in Singapore .

  • Taking the theme: “Clean Ocean for the Future”, the event dwells of six chief features: the Yacht Rally and Yacht Race, the Bhakti Surya Baskara Jaya civil mission, home and external seminars, marine youth traverse country, and an exhibition on little scale and medium businesses as good as on fishery products. The SWB constructs on Sail Indonesia 2009 that was concentrated in Bunaken, North Sulawesi, and Sail Indonesia 2010 in the Banda Islands, Maluku.
  • This year’s highlight: the Wakatobi island-cluster is a divers’ paradise with [“bird’s-eye” beauty, located in the Province of Southeast Sulawesi. These are pastoral tropic islands put correct in the heart of the Coral Triangle, and celebrated for their fat coral reefs species, a genuinely bio-divers hot spot in the ocean. While Belitong island, or sometimes spelt Belitung, forms part of the Bangka -Belitung Province, away the coast of southern Sumatra The Island is blessed with beaches, crystal open bluish waters, coral reefs and immense elephantine granite rock formations.
  • The Yacht Rally and Yacht Race itself will be flagged away from Darwin, Australia, on July 23rd, 2011. The Sail takes participants to 21 locations stretching across the Indonesian archipelagic seas from Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara Province) or Saumlaki (Maluku), for three months all the way west to Belitung (Bangka Belitung, Sumatra) or Batam (Riau Islands, Sumatra) and on to Singapore. The peak event, which is scheduled to be attended by Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will take place at Sombu Beach, Wakatobi, on August 23-29, 2011, and at Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Belitong on October 5-12, 2011.
  • The Sail will also be highlighted by several fascinating events. An underwater mass wedding, a diving contest, an underwater photographic contest are planned at Wakatobi’s deep seas, in addition to the Inauguration of a Marine Institute at Wakatobi. While at Belitung, an underwater chess game will be featured on the sandy ocean floor. There will also be a national sailing competition, with additional yachts participating from Singapore, a jet-ski contest, beach and sea cleaning operation, and traditional cultures and art and culinary festival both at Wakatobi and Belitong as extra highlights of the Event.
  • At the Official Launch, Minister Fadel outlined the four main objectives of this annual marine event. They are firstly, to harmonize and optimize regional marine potentials with the ultimate aim to improve the welfare of communities; second, to promote Wakatobi and Belitung as Indonesia’s new domestic and international tourist destinations; third, create the best sailing passage for international yachts across the Indonesian seas from east to west; and, fourth, to make the marine and fishery potentials in the two regions as source of living for the local people and the source for sustainable development of regions.
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    If you’re an aqua lover and you’ve got a holiday or a honeymoon to spend, Wakatobi is one the excellent places to go scuba diving all around. Located on the beds of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, this is a memorable place to make your holiday go green. It possesses magnificent and enjoyable scuba diving on some of the exotic reefs of Indonesian waters. A luxurious resort warmly welcomes every tourist having the best service, tranquility and a reflection to hospitality. Wakatobi is located inside the Tukang Besi National Marine Park where colorful attractive coral reefs catch the eye of the tourist within the waters. Amazing depiction of biodiversity is found with presence of different types of creatures and critters densely swirling around.

    Wakatobi Map
    Wakatobi is equipped with forty diving sites having ‘The Dive site’ and ‘Cornucopia’ to be amazing ones within them. Whether you are a marine ecologist or a fun seeking snorkeller, the reefs and atmospheric conditions along with the temperature make Wakatobi perfect to hang around.

    The resort located in the heart of the regency, offers premium exquisite service to the in-comers with world class inns and family resorts having fine bungalows and spacious villas on a place having sub urban location with a rocky ledger leaving a soothing sunset view to the attendants. It consists of various other facilities ranging from kids interests to an adult’s required amenities. A local stocked shopping mart is said to present within the location for a selection of gifts, outfits and local souvenirs. A full fledged restaurant is said to be having lip licking blend of foods ranging from a wide range of specialties and flavors. Moreover, private air tour facilities are also on stack leaving down all attributes to quality vacation. A person could fly the last leg of the exiting journey privately.
    Considering on site leisure and fun, Wakatobi Dive yatch and Fluo-Diving are the two main activitie a person would always love to go first with expectance to return with a full time exclusive entertainment and soulful experience. The magical world of corals and reefs can viewed under the bed of the forty different chartered sites under supervision.
    To blow your irresistible senses away, the yatch service gives out the bet a tourist can get. The Wakatobi Yacht – Pelagian is a heart pounding fun portal for guests. The service comprises of complete luxury entertainment with quality food and comfortable stay at the inns. Snorkeling would have never been so much fun at Wakatobi, having the most beautiful splendid under waters in the area. Underwater photography could be availed here with finding of different abominable species. Unlikely, Wakatobi doesn’t equip big fishes or giant sea monsters, other than Blacktip and Grey Reef sharks on several supervised sites. Few ecological creatures such as tortoise and coral turtles are also discovered sneaking around the bay line.

    It is possible to deep dive in the ocean during full time during the whole commemorative year. The climate is tropically shimmery and shiny throughout with a localized air temperature ranging from a level of 26C to 30C. Much more dryness is said to be experienced in this part other than in the local Indonesia. Moreover, rainy season occurs in January and February with no effect on any particular diving activity with a little on site whale spotting although the peak season requires being well aware and prepared in advanced, during the months from April to October. The active currents are certainly very friendly and gentle on the tides and in the lower case, however they can be a little harsh occasionally. The best thing about Wakaboti is its temperature which is very outstanding for general tourists having to enjoy  the pristine reefs of the area.

    Apart from the tourism site development, Wakatobi regency is also said to conserve few non-profit ecological organizations looking forward for rightful sustainable development in the area, not harming the natural wildlife and heritage. Research divisions and resourceful methods are being applied and performed in the area to promote more tourism and safety to the natural environment for the area’s sustainability. The Local people over here are proud to have the place as symbol of trade, entertainment and usefulness to an average inhabitant.

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